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Book Two: Masi'shen Evolution

June 10, 2012
Posted at 6:40 am

After a long 'gestation' period (funk, cogitation, plot-scheming) I've begun work on the second book of the Masi'shen series. The title is "Masi'shen Evolution" and the first draft is over 15,000 words and counting. I'm adding about 1800 words a day at the present pace. Given an estimated length of 100,000 to 120,000 words, it will take a while longer before I can edit and be content with a final version.

The good news (to me, anyway) is that so far, it is going very quickly. The characters are mature but evolving; the plot is simple but tangled, and the words almost write themselves as each part of the story reveals itself in my imagination. I am very, very happy with this story so far.

Oh ... I did receive some grief for the abrupt ending of Masi'shen Stranded. That was deserved, I suppose. I thought there was sufficent hint in the final paragraphs to indicate that Michael refused to be left behind, and he hitched a ride with the outbound fleet. That was Michael laying in the healing chamber while Dee'rah stood watching.

Michael is transformed; he is both human and Masi'shen; he acquires their energy and aura enhancements.

Dee'rah was gifted with a locket from Marie, containing human DNA. Dee'rah joins Michael as both human and Masi'shen. The effect is astounding to themselves and the Masi'shen people. It seems that one plus one equals three, and three plus three equals nine! The pair become much, much larger than the sum of their parts.

Book two, when finished, will post here on, from start to finish, at the rate of one chapter a day until complete.