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Up From the Depths is now complete

March 1, 2012
Posted at 2:02 pm

Up From the Depths is now complete with the last few chapters with the editors.

This version is what could be referred to as the 'Beta vers. 1.2' which means the rewrite to the rewrite but not the final rewrite.

Does that make any sense?

Over the course of receiving notes, input and edits from my team of editors and proofreaders, some minor changes were made that I feel add to the storyline. These changes have been inserted as noted in the previous blog post.

Now on to the final edit and with luck, possible real world publication. I will be submitting query letters to a few publishers and researching more into self-publishing to determine what the best option will be.

Thank you to all my editors for their hard work, without them, this would still be a half-assed attempt at a zombie apocalypse novel.

Thank you to all my readers, the 5 of you who actually send me emails about the novel. You know who you are and I hope you have enjoyed the wild ride that this work has taken you on.