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Out to sea, finally!

November 20, 2011
Posted at 6:58 pm

I'm rather pleased with how the story is rolling along, but I'm even more pleased with some of the outstanding feedback it's been receiving. To those with whom I've exchanged correspondence, please accept my profound appreciation. It's a nice reward for what is actually a lot of hard work.

Polyglot Spanish
If there are glaring errors in the brief snippets of Spanish language included in Chapter 23, accept my apologies in advance, and blame my reliance on Google Translate for whatever offense has been committed.

Finally, at sea!
The plot is going to expand in several directions now, as several conflicting and competing interests begin to converge on Siple Island and McMurdo Sound. Wish me luck as I try to weave all these together.

This tale has grown much, much larger than I'd originally intended. I guess that's a good thing! <smile>