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Chapter 68

September 24, 2011
Posted at 4:55 am

Chapter 68 has been posted. This is somewhat of a milestone for the novel as it's planned to end at Chapter 100. Chapter 69 has already been outlined and a rough draft done. Just over 30 chapters left to finish and that will end Book 1.

The fun part will then be to break Book 1 into smaller sections of about 100k words which will then create about 5 separate books.

Why would I need to break it into smaller portions?

Most if not all publishers will not accept an epic novel, that means a novel exceeding 100k words from a first time author. Of course there are always exceptions to that but for this novel to ever see the light of day as in on a shelf or downloadable to some device, it needs to be broken down.

For those of you who have stuck with it as long as you have, my thanks goes out to you for your continued patience and feedback.

When this gets to the point of actually being real world published, I'll post that info here and also on my main blog which can be found here:

My one regret with this novel is not having a set schedule for posting. Many of you have contacted me in regards to a schedule and all I can say is I am trying to post at least once a month.

For those of you who were concerned about my health, there is no concern. I'm not in poor health nor do I have any medical issues at this time. Thank you for your concern.

Enjoy the remaining chapters as they will be suspenseful leading up to the conclusion. Who will be left alive and what will become of the changed new world?

Stay tuned and find out.