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Chapter 20 & A Prince Too Many

July 2, 2011
Posted at 5:26 am

The next chapter of Justice Resurrected is up for your enjoyment. I don't want to spoil anything for you, but I do need to apologize for this one. Many of you will be pissed by the end due to where the chapter leaves off. Sorry about that. I don't recall why I wrote that one to end that way, but there it is.

I also have submitted the first couple of sections of A Prince Too Many. All of them should be up, or at least submitted, by the end of today. It is the origin story of one of the characters you meet in Chapter 19 & 20 of Justice Resurrected. I wrote it as one story but broke it up myself to save the Webmaster the trouble and to control where it got broken up.

So have fun and try not to be too mad in your venting if you send me something irritable in your mail this week (though I will understand!).