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Thanks for the feedback

August 6, 2010
Posted at 5:25 am

Pasayten Pete has been receiving very positive feedback. Thank you to all who have been kind with their comments. It's appreciated.

The scenes and place names in the Methow Valley are real, as was the Wolf Creek homestead. Sadly, little remains of the place now except a fallen-in shambles of the house, a few scattered bits of the old foundations, and the stumps and snags of the dead trees. Time and lack of water has not been kind. The property has not been inhabited or used for many years; speculative land prices in the Methow soared to insane levels during the "bubble" just recently burst, and I learned that the surviving absentee owner of the property wanted a prohibitively high price for the acreage.

Life in the Methow is nothing like it was back in the 1950s and 60s. When the North Cascades highway (SR 20) was finally punched through the north Cascades to link the head of the Methow with the coastal hordes, an invasion of real estate developers changed the Methow into something completely different. It was just as well: the era of "small" had been wiped out by U.S. economic policies. For a good insight into what killed the small orchards, ranches, and farms, refer to the writings of Wendell Berry.