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Very Bored This Weekend!!!

May 3, 2011
Posted at 12:15 am

Well ladies and gentlemen, as the title says, I was very bored this weekend and so I got the next chapter of Justice Resurrected ready for posting. It should be up by the afternoon, though the webmaster has been rocking lately and things have been up in a matter of a couple of hours. An astute reader sent me an e-mail this past week after he read the last chapter and included a list of things he wants to see happen in future chapters. I laughed aloud when I read it because pretty much the entirety of the list is upcoming in the next few chapters. Great minds think alike, I guess.

On a personal note, I want to thank the men and women involved with the op that put Osama bin Laden where he belongs! You guys and gals rock! I am just sorry you had to wait 10 years to do it. But like the Israelis after '72, we eventually did it. Now if we can only stop the screwing around with the weasels we have down in GITMO and send them to join their leader! KSM and his boys have been living for far too long on our dime.

Anyway, sorry if that little bit of exultation irritates you, but I had too many family members and friends that were far too close to NYC and DC on 11 September, 2001 for me not to feel that way.

That is all for now. Enjoy the latest installment of Justice and thanks for all the support I've been getting.