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Chapter 9 of Justice Submitted

April 22, 2011
Posted at 2:52 pm

Chapter 9 of Justice Resurrected is edited and submitted for your enjoyment. I want to thank all of those who have been so lavish in their praise of this story and for their continued support. Hopefully, with the long weekend and the completion of my last job, I can get to working on some of the projects I have had on hold. Some of those include three or four Am'mortal stories I have either started or considered starting (including a sort-of-but-not-really sequel to The Wanderer), a tie-up-a-couple-of-loose-ends sort of sequel/prequel to Death and Love in Marjah, and a story I seem to have lost half of that I started and never finished that was aimed at a younger audience when I first started it, but which will probably "contain material not suitable to young audiences."

I am also considering on working more on trying to get the first thing I ever wrote seriously (a 600+ page novel when I was 17 and just out of high school) ready for public consumption. The problem with that is that it, like many things writers first write, is drivel. The story and the characters are good but the writing is absolutely horrendous so it would take rewriting the entire thing before I even considered posting it. I think it would be worth it, however, and I was very fond of the characters. Also, I got halfway through its sequel before something else bubbled up (see Stranger in an Even Stranger Land for that). When I got back to it and reread it, I realized I would have to rewrite it or give it up as the drivel it was.

Anyway, that is what I am contemplating even as I continue to work on Justice for you all. Enjoy the latest and I greatly appreciate hearing from those of you who send me your thoughts on what you read.