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Chapter 2 of Justice

March 10, 2011
Posted at 2:23 pm

Alrighty folks, the second chapter of Justice Resurrected has been submitted. As I said last week, I am hoping this will be a chapter every week sort of deal, as it takes me about that long to work rereading and editing each chapter into my week. I have also been working on a companion to it similar to the Am'mortal Universe's World. If I can figure out how to do it, I might even get the map I have of Justice's world into the companion (that is about where I am on getting that one ready for submission).

As for other stuff, my muse seems to have abandoned me on the sequel to Marjah, as I am lacking much inspiration for that and it is a slog. I am also finding it slow going on a couple of other stories I have in the works, so you may have to do with Justice being all that will be posted for a while. At least until my abusive relationship with my muse sparks up again.

So enjoy the second chapter of Justice Resurrected and I appreciate the feed back I have gotten on it so far.