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My Writing Style and General Comments - updated March 2017

March 11, 2017
Posted at 5:45 pm

Watch my blog as I only say things here about the stories here, and give alerts on new stories as well.

Oh, to me email, phone, snail mail, and face to face calls are social media, but Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other such stuff are data mining SPAM sites that I don't use; so please don't send me any invites to such places.

Thank you for reading my stories. I do many things to put food on the table and deal with life, this interferes with my writing, so please bear with me when there are delays in stories appearing. I do NOT post a story until it's complete. Once posting has started I'll make changes to deal with typographical, spelling, continuity, or other important errors like copyright infringement when someone points one out to me. If you see an error, and not just a UK / USA spelling difference error, please let me know.

Writing: I write as if I'm telling the story while sitting around a fire. I find the use of present tense adds to the feeling of being involved, but don't do this with all my stories. Most authors write in the past tense, as it's easier that way to use only one tense throughout. In the present tense you sometimes have to refer to prior events in the past tense, and use both tenses as is appropriate for the situation. I often write in the first person, as this adds to the sense of being involved too. These are both valid, if not common, ways to write. Please, Anonymous, no more emails about it being the wrong way to write.

Aussie narrators use Aussie terms, so please keep that in mind, despite where the story is set. I use Aussie narrators for most of my stories, so, please, no emails about that.

Headings: I use colour codes to indicate headings for Chapters (red), Sub-chapters (blue), and Sections (bold black). They're centred, look more colourful, and are easier to locate. My chapters do NOT match what FS calls a chapter, and I list the FS chapter numbers as Parts (green) in my Table of Contents. The submission wizard gets temperamental if the files are too big and makes them into multiple pages. So I try to match my chapter / sub-chapter ends with the number of characters the wizard is happy with - but not always as sometimes I just have to go past the magic number. Once the first part is showing the rest will be appearing every other day. If you can't wait to finish it you can always get it from my Lulu web site (listed below) while contributing to my welfare fund.

Sequels: I do plan to do a sequel to Rough Diamond, Star Performance, the Al Adams stories (on Earth and Chaos), Kim:Power Play, Odd Man in College, and others. I also have many works in progress to finish, so don't hold your breath. Just watch out for the new stories and enjoy them as they appear. They are planned out, but I need to do some research before writing them, watch here for the announcement of when they go up.

EMAILS: I reply to all emails from valid reply to addresses. However, some block emails from my ISP on an irregular basis - clients of those ISPs who don't get a reply, talk to your ISP about it. To get around this I'm using gmail to reply, but this takes more work by me, so I'm now doing email replies every six to eight weeks.

Thanks to the anonymous feedback email senders who send a smiley or a thanks for each chapter. You more than make up for the anonymous abusive ones. Please don't get offended if I don't respond to a basic 'thanks' email immediately.

I'm an Aussie and have never been to the USA in real life, all the knowledge comes from Internet research. So anyone who wishes to give me advice on such things is welcome to send me some information and ideas so I can incorporate them into stories. Please note that in doing so you give me the legal right to use that idea free of charge.

I write as both Ernest Bywater and Ernest Edwards (the Clan Amir series) and I also have my stories at Lulu - page link below.

All my stories are available as e-pub downloads or print books via Lulu. The stories are written in a 6 x 9 inch paperback format page using Libre Office and saved as .odt files then converted to HTML files for here. Note: I've been revising my works to make them smoother flowing and easier to read. If you've bought a past copy and the Lulu page shows a copy with an edition date before July 2016 and you'd like an updated copy, email me with some sort evidence you have a purchased copy and the format you want (epub or pdf), and I'll send you a copy of the latest version. The latest versions are being posted here as well.

If you think a story of mine is worth publishing in your local newspaper or magazine, talk to them and have them email me. I'll gladly give them approval to reprint it free, especially for Always a Marine and Coming Home.

What is a Ute?

I've had people asking: what is a ute? It's the short form of utility vehicle, but is a specific type of vehicle here in Australia and has had the meaning expanded a bit. This wikipedia page gives the basics:

A close US equivalent (as reported by a US reader).

The most common form is a sedan type vehicle front with an integrated bed, kind of like a normal sedan version of the US pick-up truck. Today it's been expanded to include most 1 tonne vehicles used on a rural property, like the typical US pick-up truck, and even a flat-bed tray style 1 tonne truck.


Here in Australia chips are bits of hot fried potato. Due to certain US fast food stores doing business here we sometimes call the very thin cut ones French Fries (some people call them shoe strings fries). We also have potato crisps, these are cold, precooked, and in packets from companies like Smiths; sometimes they are called a packet of chips. Chips are hot and eaten with meals or as a snack or meal of their own, crisps are a small snack and never eaten with a meal.

Figures in conversation - especially money.

A common verbal short-cut is to mention the baseline of figures the first time you speak of the figure and then only talk of what's in front of the baseline. Example: "I got a budget of a hundred million bucks, the first ten is for the new building, thirty for operating costs ..." and so on. This is to save saying the million or thousand or grand several times.

Plan Images I've had people ask about plans of places I design and use in my stories. High quality images of them are on DropBox. Within the folder is a folder for each story, and you can open it to see the images for the story you're reading. Be warned, I'm putting images up as I create them, so there may be some for stories not yet finished, so don't get upset when you don't recognise the folder, you will, when it's finished. Although I tried, some aren't to scale, due my system's limitations. The URL is:

Clan Amir Stories as Ernest Edwards

February 28, 2017
Posted at 8:28 pm
Updated: March 13, 2017 - 11:51 pm

Many of you know I've never hidden the fact my real name is Ernest Bywater and I write the Clan Amir stories as Ernest Edwards because they were originally published with an Irish publisher and he wanted them under a different name to what he already had some of my stories by. Thus the different name. To simplify things a great deal I'm now having all the stories I own the copyright for moved under the banner of Ernest Bywater.

All the Clan Amir stories are posted in chronological order except The Amazing Amy, because it doesn't fit the site rules, sorry. Please read the entries with the background information and the time-line for the series. These have the code sequence 00-xx.

The series was originally written as a mix of seven books, some short stories, some novellas, and some novels. The anthologies of two thick books on Lulu are in chronological order within the book, but the stories in The Falcon fit in between the stories Darmore Demon and The Shukra War in the book The Berant - U MAMA Wars. All the stories her on FS are in chronological order and are coded into their books with the sequence Book-Position, thus 03-03 Raptor Games is the third book-third story, while 04 The Day of Blood is the fourth book and a full novel.

My Life and Writing update as of 25 January 2017

January 24, 2017
Posted at 9:18 pm

First, please do not send emails asking about the next story or how I'm going, I don't have the time or energy to deal with them right now. My life is still in major turmoil, and has been since late July 2015 when the Police came in with a search warrant and walked off with every modern computing device in the house, including my phone, my son's phone, and the back-up copies of all my work. At the time they said it would take them 2 to 3 months to check everything and give it back. After four months I found out they'd done nothing about it. We did get our phones back after a call to the Local Area Commander to do some tree shaking on the safety factors because we live in a remote area.

The effect is I do not have my copies of the 30 plus stories I was working on or any of the research for them. So all those half written sequels are delayed until I get the files back. I can't even deal with the emails that were outstanding at that time, nor do I have anyone's email address, unless they emailed me since August 2015.

The whole matter is very stressful because my son has a mental health issue which means he has problems with any change and can't handle any stress. Keeping him calm has also been adding to my stress levels. I am writing when I'm up to it. But a lot of time is taken up with dealing with this problem

Since July I've found out the government made a change to certain laws and never made a public announcement about the changes, despite the significant change in the law. The change also had the effect of being retroactive, which is not supposed to be possible. I now have to wait until the police get their act together and confirm I do not create or publish unlawful works.

In May 2016 they returned 25 items, most of them simple things like USB sound cards and unused SD cards. There's still 3 laptop computer two stacks of CDs/DVDs, and 8 print books they've not checked yet. They've checked and cleared over seven millions files they refuse to give back to me or make any copies of anything to give to me. No copies of emails, work files, tax records, or stories I was working on. There are two court cases on this, at this time, one of which is about the checking and return of materials to go before the court again in March, and the other is back in May. There is a subpoena for certain information I want for the police they were supposed to provide in early January 2017, but have twice asked for a delay because they're having trouble getting the information together. This relates to the second court case due back before the court in May, and I've instructed the lawyer to let the court know we'll need three of four months to analyze the information from the police before we can go back to court, which is due back in May, at this time. Thus the police delays should result in a further delay to that court case.

So far this matter has cost us all our saving for 5 years to be able to get back to close to normal day to day operations of everything except this issue and the related stress affecting our time and health. I have started a number of new stories and have about 20 stories I'm working on as the muse moves me and I have time to work on them.

Please, no more emails on this matter about these officious zealots looking to prove I'm something I'm not.