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New Chaos Calls stories

February 4, 2018
Posted at 3:03 pm
Updated: February 4, 2018 - 9:33 pm

3 new Chaos Calls stories going up. I'll post them in order with a new part going up every other day. However the full stories are available as a single book on Lulu, as is usual. Link below.

Al Adams returns to Chaos to rescue more Damsels in Distress while fighting evil men in a medieval environment.

Behind the Lines: Al is asked to take on another special mission, but this time it's well into the enemy held lands where he can't get any of the Chaos helpers to go with him. He has along a few of his people from Earth who are training to be Heroes or wish to leave the Earth society for a life on Chaos. There are surprises for all on Chaos. 21,100 words - 3 parts

Island Girl: The rebels on Cassandra have tricked the system into sending an important person to Chaos when they didn't want to go. Al is asked to rescue her then return her to Crossroads with two Damsels on the same island off the enemy held coast. To do so he must arrive on Chaos too far from his usual helpers to involve them in his plans to free the islands from his enemies. 27,300 words - 3 parts

Into the Heartland: Some remnants of the Slaver War are rebuilding in the lands south of King Sid's area, so Al decides to stop them before they grew to big. The nearest safe entry on Chaos is the Rider Citadel well across the continent from Al's helpers, so he must again recruit help from the locals. 11,900 words - 2 parts

edit to add: 2 books on Lulu with 3 stories each stories 1 to 3 on the site are the first book on Lulu and stories 4 to 6 on the site are the 2nd book on Lulu.

Story writing status Jan 2018

January 14, 2018
Posted at 2:46 am

Back in mid 2015 the Gestapo walked off with all my computers and files, and they keep delaying the return of anything and the court case. At that time I had over 15 stories part written, they included sequels to Kim: Power Play, Finding Home, Shiloh, Odd Man in College, Ed's New Life, a Clan Amir story and some Rivers Region stories - I'm holding off on doing anything with those stories in the hopes of getting them back sometime soon - unless the Gestapo ask for another delay. I'm pretty sure there are some other stories and sequels in the list that I can't remember.

I'm currently working on 15 new stories started since then, and I've got 3 new Chaos Calls stories with the editors right now. I hope to publish them soon.

So please, no more emails or messages asking about when sequels will be out. I'll do them when I can.

My website with story summaries only

November 5, 2017
Posted at 1:53 pm

I now have my own website set up with all of my stories summaries listed in natural divisions that may help you to sort out how they go together. But you will have to come back here or go to Lulu to actually read the stories.

Clan Amir Stories - revised

November 5, 2017
Posted at 1:32 pm
Updated: November 5, 2017 - 1:51 pm

I've just finished uploading revised versions of the entire Clan Amir series. The changes are to clarify a couple of points raised by readers, and to make the stories a little more free-flowing to be easier to read. I've also combined them into one anthology on Lulu, so they're now cheaper than they were.

Many of you know I've never hidden the fact my real name is Ernest Bywater and I write the Clan Amir stories as Ernest Edwards because they were originally published with an Irish publisher who wanted them under a different name to what he already had some of my stories by. Thus the different name. To simplify things a great deal I'm now having all the stories I own the copyright for moved under the banner of Ernest Bywater.

All the Clan Amir stories are posted in chronological order except The Amazing Amy, because it doesn't fit the site rules, sorry. Please read the entries with the background information and the time-line for the series. These have the code sequence 00-xx.

The series was originally written as a mix of seven books, some short stories, some novellas, and some novels. All of the stories are in chronological order and are coded into their books with the sequence Book-Position, thus 03-03 Raptor Games is the third book - third story, while 04 The Day of Blood is the fourth book and a full novel.

Past Values

October 12, 2017
Posted at 11:04 am

I'm posting this as its own blog entry because it relates a number of stories. Due to inflation and other economic factors it's hard to relate prices and values of long ago with those of today. Improved manufacturing makes things cheaper while other factors push prices up. For example, the common desktop computer that cost $2,000 today has more computing power than a $5,000 system did 20 years ago or a $5,000,000 computer did 50 years ago. Yet a gallon of fuel 50 years ago was only a few cents.

You can't really compare prices of then to now. Back in 1860 the latest Colt .45 revolver sold for $20, based on inflation between then and now it would cost about $500, while the changes in manufacturing should make it available for much less for the same gun today, but other factors like increased labour means they sell for $1,500 today - which is much higher than the inflation rate. Rural land in Arizona sold for $5 to $10 an acre in 1860 and now sells for thousands an acre.

The best way to get an idea of prices is to look at key factors of the time and place. In 1860 farm land in Maryland sold for $30 an acre while most people were paid $1.00 a day for a full day of work or about $0.10 per hour (or less), and new revolvers cost $20 each.

I hope this helps with looking at comparative values.