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March 27, 2017
Posted at 10:05 am

Richard Jackson Chapter 2

Just posted Chapter 2. Won't promise any sort of schedule. That said goal is chapter every two weeks.

March 5, 2017
Posted at 9:09 am

Richard Jackson Saga

I'm starting to get 'write faster' emails. No problem with that, but here's the deal. When I was issuing a chapter a week I was not working, it was therapy. Now I'm doing contract work part time, about half my time. At this point I just finished Chapter Three. Unless it is derailed my plan is to start issuing Chapters every other week starting the Friday of the last week of March. As it is said, you can have it cheap and fast, cheap and good, fast and good, but not all three at once. In this case cheap and good is the only options available.


December 22, 2016
Posted at 12:59 pm

Richard Jackson Saga Tenth Grade

I am going to post the first chapter of Richard Jackson Saga: Tenth Grade today. This story is going to be eighteen chapters long and about 180,000 words. It will take place in September - December 1959.

This chapter is the longest and was the most difficult to write as I had to reread everything I have written to try to keep the storyline continuity straight. I invite and beg for comments, observations or corrections on the time line, as the more I get correct now the less problems in the future.

I have just about completed Chapter 2, so I don't have much depth to work with. I want to be up to Chapter 5 before posting Chapter 2, so don't expect it much before March 2017. I am taking January off from work so will write, but after that will only have one week off a month so it will be slow going.

Consider Chapter 1 as a Christmas present. For those who don't believe in Christmas, take it as a seasonal gift. Those who don't believe in gifts send money.

Enjoy as another school year starts.


September 17, 2016
Posted at 11:28 am

Tenth grade Richard Jackson

On occasion I receive emails asking about the next installment of the Richard Jackson Saga. This week I got twenty two of them. So here is an update. Not what you really want to hear.

I am going through some sort of writers block. Not the story. I have that outlined, major events identified, some of those events written. What I can't seem to force myself to do is sit down and type it out.

Now add that to the fact I have been very busy in my work life. Some people can work on airplanes and hotel rooms. I have never been able to do that, except at a survival level (need expense reports submitted to get paid.)

I travel a lot in my job. As a quality auditor to the ISO standards my job is mildly interesting (at least to me.) Last night I got home from California where I was auditing a foreign language translation firm. Next week is Newport News for an ship builder (think air craft carriers.)

So I am having a hard time writing and excuses not to sitting right there. All that said the first chapter which more me is the hardest is almost done. Had to set the since and ensure continuity. I hope to have six chapters done before the end of the year and start posting early 2017.

So there it is, thank you for the interest. This writing venture was started to see if I could do it. Thank you for your validation.

April 20, 2016
Posted at 7:51 am

Finally Summer Vacation 1959 is here

Summer Vacation 1959 ended up over 30,000 words so it is a novella in its own right. It was to be an introductory chapter to Tenth grade, but it really is a stand alone. It works out to 71 type written pages. I will be posting it in 4 Chapters, Today, Wednesday, Sunday, the following Wed, and Sun.

One lesson learned is I will never promise a posting date until the posting is ready. While I appreciate all the fan interest it has been a bit overwhelming the last two weeks with all the questions.

To try to get ahead of the game, Tenth grade will not be posted at all this year. 2017 at the earliest. I have the story blocked out, now to write it.

Enjoy and remember it is all true, give or take a lie or two.