Vincent Berg: Stories

Have currently written and published nine books, each in the 'science-fiction' genre but don't fit into any specific category.

Great Death1 Story

A random meteor shower turns into an apocalyptic event, as the world's electrical, communications and infrastructure fail. This series examines what happens to a random group of individuals, as they not only deal with the sickening and deaths of billions, but with the fallout in terms of how people cope with such responses. Only the third book of the series is being published to Finestories (since the other books deal with several 'adult' issues), but it should stand alone without having read the other books.

Not-Quite Human1 Story

A group of people who don't belong are drawn to each other as they develop strange new abilities. Unsure who's responsible, they search for a new home, wherever that leads.

Unwanted Visitors2 Stories

Unexpected visitors always upset a household, no matter everyone's intentions. But when the visitors are another species from a distant galaxy, all bets are off. This is a series of related stories describing the clash within humanity as they deal with the unknown, and how they either rise to the challenge or are destroyed by it.
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