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Hi everyone! I'm going to describe what some of my stories might be about or have in them. I will have, Mystery, Adventure, Fantasy, and Fairytales. My stories are for mostly designed for ages 6-12 but, anyone could enjoy these stories. I hope you enjoy! -Piggzz

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Vampire City
This story is about Lizzy Quarle the Vampire Princess and her friends, Joleanne Orlenton, Sally Xma, and Aliandro Garde. This story contains some to little violance.
Tags: Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters, Undead, Fantasy, Magic, Royalty
Age Rating: Older than 7
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive
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Who's There, Zaya?
In this story a fairy goes into a lost car in the human world and finds somthing she never thought she'd find.
Tags: Mystery, Detective, Fantasy
Age Rating: Anybody
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive
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