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Invid Fan: Stories

Just a couple stories. More can be found on FineStories' sister site.

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  Title Description Size Dnlds Votes Score
1 The Bells Toll for Mary
It was a tradition almost as old as she was. For twelve years, thirteen year old Mary and her father had made a pilgrimage to the site of the old Bells supermarket. The site where the store, and her mom, had vanished. Every anniversary, without fail. This year, though, a blizzard was threatening to put a stop to her mourning. Snow, and a new step mother. Mary, though, was not to be denied... A companion story to the Bells Across the Universe series on Storiesonline.
Tags: Young Adult
Age Rating: Older than 13
22 KB 437 46 6.50
2 A Friend in Dream
An author's mind, distracted, finds solace.
Tags: Spiritual
Age Rating: Anybody
5 KB 153 - -