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1 Attack on Pearl Harbor

This is the first installment of what I hope will be a bunch of stories describing the War in the Pacific. I'm American so most of the stories will be from the American point of view. If you are a veteran of any of the battles described (from any side) I'd love to get your story.

Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Historical
Tags: Historical, True
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2 History of the Dog

Non-fiction: A short description of where dogs came from. Ok for all ages.

Age Rating: Older than 7 | Genre: Historical
Tags: Historical, True
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3 Police Dogs

Non-fiction: A description of how the police use dogs to help enforce the law.

Age Rating: Older than 7
Tags: True
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4 War Dogs

Non-fiction: A review of how dogs have been used in warfare. Note to parents: This story should be pasted to a word possessor and you can remove the last bit if you'd like to avoid the image of hungry dogs being exploded.

Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Historical
Tags: Historical
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