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Welcome to the world of the Celtic Bard. Most of my writings involve fantasy in some way, though science fiction and straight fiction do occur to me occasionally. Enjoy and don't forget to do the reviews when you are done. These are the stories of author J. M. F. Hildebrandt. You can find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jm.f.hildebrandt or on his external blog The Celtic Bard.

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A Prince Too Many
A Story of Titia-Lohr
What does a Matriarch with too many sons do when she births yet another? What kind of life will that son have? Sharn of Jenni, son of the High Matriarch of Tran Kor finds out as his life progresses over the two decades that follow his birth. Follow the young prince as he learns about love and hatred, friendship and loyalty, life and death in the viper's pit of Cealie Vra-Kor, the dangerously beautiful capital of Tran Kor.
Tags: Coming of Age, Politics, Military, Supernatural, Fantasy, Magic, Royalty
Age Rating: Older than 13
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The Prophecy
A time of tranquility between the forces of Light and Dark comes to an end with the birth of a babe in the far north. Or will it? Can the Dark Gods of Niflheim get a jump on the Sun Gods of Asgard and destroy the child before he grows into his power? And if not, what will that power be turned to? The Prophecy reveals all. NOTE: This is in poem form. If that is not your cup of tea, don't bother reading it.
Tags: Fantasy
Age Rating: Anybody
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Rage VII: Awakening the Lost
A Rage Story (6)
How do you tell someone they belong to another species and have them not think you are completely insane? How do you give them the all of the information they need to embrace their new reality and intelligently choose the new path their life will travel? Radovan Dzerdja's existence is dedicated to the history of Homo esoterica. Part of his job as a Loremaster is to Awaken those Lost to the reality that is Homo esoterica. When he is hired to Awaken Candy and Angus, his job gets interesting.
Tags: Alternate Universe, Fantasy
Age Rating: Anybody
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Rage-Part I: Me
A Rage Story (1)
Young Michael FitzKiern was diagnosed with an odd medical condition that made his body produce a strange cocktail of chemicals that turned his fight-or-flight mechanism into something much different. Going to his geeky older brother's rescue in an afterschool fight, Michael found a natural high in his rage, and that made him something of a rage-addict. Instead of becoming a monster in a modern era where such things are frowned upon, Michael channeled his rage into something more... noble?
Tags: Violence, Addiction, Alternate Universe, Fantasy
Age Rating: Older than 17
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Rage-Part II: Outliers
A Rage Story (2)
After a brawl at the strip club at which he works, a bouncer walks home on a natural high thanks to a medical condition he has that makes fighting a pleasure. Unfortunately for him, forces have arrayed against him to repay his lack of respect for those he has smote so easily. But enemies are not the only ones with an eye on this unlikely hero and his rough night at work was just the beginning of a long journey on a path determined by his past.
Tags: Crime, Violence, Secret Agents, Fantasy
Age Rating: Older than 17
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Rage-Part III: Candy
A Rage Story (3)
A boring Tuesday night at Exposé turns violent as dancer Candy was on the main stage, imagining she was dancing for one man: Angus. Candy 's experience that violent, bloody night sets her down a road much different than the one she began the day on and only time will tell where it will lead. When exotic dancing meets mob violence, many paths get altered as fate lurches onto a new course for those involved.
Tags: Romance, Crime, Violence, Workplace, Fantasy
Age Rating: Older than 17
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Rage-part IV: Desires
A Rage Story (4)
After a hard night at Exposé, dancer Candy goes home and has a sexily strange dream that leaves her sweat-covered and worried. Going into work that night, she learns Angus never showed up at opening after being wounded the night before and the police are now looking for him, worried he might be missing. Candy sets out to discover what happened to Angus by searching his apartment only to discover the weirdness from the night before hasn't ended but only expanded to engulf her.
Tags: Romance, Crime, Workplace, Secret Agents, Alternate Universe, Fantasy
Age Rating: Older than 13
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Rage-Part V: the Bloody Hand
A Rage Story (5)
Events at Exposé bring a new player to town seeking answers. The villains who set up the Exposé fiasco only think they are hard men. Rory O'Shea, however, will disabuse them of that notion in the most monstrous of ways as he looks for the puppetmaster who guided events the night before at the club. And by night's end they will remember why he was known as The Bloody Hand. Warning: Contains explicit violence and language. Definitely not suited to younger readers or the squeamish.
Tags: Crime, Violence
Age Rating: Older than 17
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A Restful Holiday
A Dark Wars Tale
Alice Spencer-Killdare, Holy Champion of the Faith, needs a vacation. Or at least that is what her foster father thinks. When the stitches from her battle in Belfast with Demons, Vampires, and Werefoxes come out, he decides to pack everyone up and head to his estate in southern Scotland for just that. But when you are a God-chosen warrior fated to battle the monsters of the world, nothing is ever that simple and trouble has a way of finding Alice, no matter what her name or where she hides.
Tags: Shapeshifters, Supernatural, Monsters, Fantasy
Age Rating: Older than 13
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A Stranger in an Even Stranger Land
Science Fiction
Xeuxondra Universe
What do you do in a future where the world does not know of magic but governments try to control the paranormal? Escape, of course. But those who would control wizard Josef Samuelson are close to rearresting him, for good this time. His only hope of escaping a future as a government paranormal thug is to leave this world and dimension, if only he has the time.
Tags: Crime, Drama, Violence, Science Fiction, Futuristic, Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Dragons, Magic
Age Rating: Older than 13
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