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1 The End of the Patriarchy and the Return of the Great Mother

In the course of several years chapter after chapter of this part of my jottings came into being. Whilst writing them I got an ever stronger feeling that the book of life was opening before me, to show me that there really is a great plan of life and how it has always been unfolding. This part of my work, probably more than any other, proves to me that we and our world have always rested safely and forever will do so in the hands of our Creator, the Father/Mother of all life.

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2 Food for Thought

A collection of poetry and prose to bring rays of new hope and encouragement to all who are struggling like me on their pathway through earthly life.

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3 Healers and Healing

I am a free spirit and all my writings are of an intuitive nature and present my truth. If something speaks to you and your inner guidance says: 'Yes, this is true,' you can believe it because it is your truth, too. Everything I write about has grown organically within me, so to speak. Since I started holding my ideas about spiritual topics down in writing about twenty years ago, there has been an uninterrupted flow of them, which to this moment is continuing.

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4 The Sun Signs

Like all truly great ideas, astrology's basic principles are very simple. Everything is wheels within wheels and cycles within cycles constantly repeating themselves. To my mind, there is no better instrument than the Divine science for getting to know our true self and learning to love it, and for doing the same for the companions on our pathway through life. As for my taste too much gobble-de-gook surrounds this subject, from the beginning of my writings my aim has been to demystify it.

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5 What Does Christmas Mean in Our Time?

Earth life is a school, a mystery school to be precise. I am saying this because throughout my writings the mysteries of the Jesus story have constantly been revealing themselves. The tale turned out to be a legend, but in my view Christmas and the birth of the Christ child has much more meaning for our present time than could previously have been imagined. And that's what this collection of chapters from my jottings is all about.

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6 Words of Hope and Encouragement

A collection of words of hope and encouragement in poetry and prose for anyone who feels the need for them.

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